Lorna Parashin

Lead Yoga Instructor

Lorna is so passionate about yoga that she has no choice but to share her learning with you. Lorna’s yoga teacher trainings include 200 hours of Ashtanga Yoga with Jonathan Austman, 300 hours of Vinyasa Yoga with Ryan Leier of One Yoga, and 200 hours of Hatha Yoga with Erica Blitz of YYoga. In Lorna’s flow class you will practice traditional yoga poses with concentration techniques and deep connected breathing. No matter how much experience you have with yoga, you will be challenged to a sweaty, deep and stretchy workout in Lorna’s class. We may even experience a little laughter. Yogis coming to class week after week are sure to observe progressive and positive change in their body and mind.When Lorna is off the mat, she uses her yoga mind to get clear and creative with architectural design competitions, free-lance design, and her unique artwork. Lorna has a Bachelor degree in Environmental Design, a Master’s degree in Architecture, and is a local art, architecture and music fanatic!