RCSC Etiquette

We all like to have fun while we are lifting and hitting workouts, but here’s a few things to think of when becoming a a member of The River City Herd:

My motto on life is “if you are 5 minutes early, you’re late”.  Please try to show up on time allowing yourself a couple minutes extra to get changed and to do any warm ups that are required of you before starting class.  If you are running late, no worries!  Please try to contact the coach to let them know so they can make the appropriate arrangements.  As well, doors will open 15 minutes prior to the first class of the day/night and will close ~30 minutes after the last class of the day/night so if you are looking to put in a little extra work beyond regular class (which we ALWAYS recommend),  just be sure to get it in within those hours!!

Hard work stinks.  Washing machines can help you out on that one.  None of us want to be “That guy or girl”…

Treat lifting weights like you would treat golf (if you were allowed to cheer excessively loud).  If someone is going for a personal record, try to stay out of their eyesight so they can focus on what they are doing and as well, try to stay a few feet back of the athlete just in case he or she moves around while attempting the lift.  Give the person at least 3-5 bar lengths space.  Cheering on fellow athletes or teammates is most certainly welcome.

Keep your eyes open and your head up.  Sometimes there is a lot of things happening in the gym all at once, so be sure to check what is happening on the floor so that you don’t put yourself or someone else in harm’s way.  Let’s keep things safe guys.

Please share, work together, work hard, make friends, smile and have fun.  As competitive as Functional Fitness is at times, these are the true reasons why we do it.


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