Megan Giesbrecht

Coach, Personal Trainer


Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology)


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – In Progress

Respect In Sport

First Aid/CPR

Megan has a passion for movement, health, and wellness. She began participating in sport recreationally, which quickly led her to the competitive stream of Artistic Gymnastics in which she performed for 12 years. After retiring from the sport, Megan took on the coaching side of it for eight years. In June 2015 Megan graduated from the University of Winnipeg with an Exercise Science degree and is currently completing her CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer.  The gymnastic component to CrossFit is initially what got Megan interested in the sport, but it was the constant challenge, sense of team and support that made her so passionate about it. Megan believes having knowledge, skill and passion for helping people reach their fitness goals can have a long lasting positive effect on their lives.