RCSC Member Appreciation Program

If you invest in us, we will invest in you!!!  Receive 5% off of your annual membership fees (for up to 3 years or 15%) with the renewal of your 12 Month Unlimited Membership.


  1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
1x/week $90 $83/month $78/month $73/month
2x/week $163 $152/month $141/month $124/month
Unlimited $224 $207/month $191/month $167/month

*Unlimited Memberships have access to Olympic Lifting/Mobility & Midline

*ALL RCSC Memberships include Bars & Bells/Plyos/Technique & Movement/Bootcamp


1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
$146/month $136/month $130/month $122/month

*3x/Week Membership

*Access to only, but EVERY morning class offered (525/625am), Monday – Friday.


4 Classes 8 Classes 12 Classes
$122 $222 $310


Sessions Single Couple Team (5+)
1 $61 $78 $166
5 $266 $321 $776
10 $465 $577 $1495
15 $609 $776 $2216

Other Packages:

5-Pass Drop In Punch Card (Functional Fitness Only) – $100

*1 Month Expiry From Date Started*

10-Pass Drop In Punch Card (Functional Fitness Only) – $172

*2 Month Expiry From Date Started*

Program Design – $195 + GST

Contact jeff@rivercitystrengthandconditioning.com for more details.


EMS, Fire, Police, Military, Nurse – 10%

Student – 15%

Couples/Families – 10%

*Applies to each member with a MAX discount of 15% per person.

*Not applicable to Punch Cards  or Drop Ins.


GST will be applied to each cost listed above, with the exception of Drop Ins.

Each class has a maximum amount of athletes able to participate in the class.  You must signup for each class using ZenPlanner to ensure you have a reserved spot for the class as it is a first come first serve basis.  Class reservations end one hour prior to start time.  As well, you are unable to cancel your reserved spot within that time.

At any time you may cancel your membership; however you must pay the difference between the time you used and the time you have remaining in your current membership.

Memberships can be up OR downgraded.  The changes will occur on the first day of the next calendar month, and you are only able to up or downgrade once during the term in which you originally signed up for.

Memberships can be put on hold.  This can happen after the first full month of your membership and can be put on hold for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 3 months.   ONLY members purchasing 6 and 12 month Memberships are entitled to this option and you must pay 1/3 of your monthly fee for every month you put your membership on hold which will go towards the monthly payment upon return.  As well, you are only able to put your membership on hold once every 6 months.

Membership prices can be subject to change.

These policies will be in effect September 5th, 2018.

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