RCSC Health Program

Our RCSC Health Program is underway!

Personalized Meal Plan with a Registered Dietitian ✔️

InBody Composition Analysis ✔️

Education on executing proper active/healthy living with a Professional Kinesiologist  ✔️

Focus TOTALLY and ONLY on Weightloss ✖️

Restricting Diet Plans ✖️

30-Day, 60-Day or 90-Day Challenge ✖️

-> Initial and Follow Up Body Scans to be scheduled/completed PRIOR to Initial Nutritional Consultation @ Wellness Centre.

-> Nutritional Information component (Initial and Follow-Up consultations) to be scheduled/completed with Teniille Sonnichsen, RD (Registered Dietitian) via Skype or Home Office.

-> Fitness Consultation/Fitness Testing to be scheduled/completed with Jeff MacGregor @ CrossFit 431.

-> Partial Reimbursement for Nutritional Services depending on Insurance Coverage.


Jeff MacGregor, CSEP CPT, CF L1, CFL2, Kinesiologist

EMAIL: jeff@rivercitystrengthandconditioning.com

PHONE: (204) 899-4088


Q: What is the difference between a Registered Dietitian and a Registered Nutritionist?

A: Many people mistakenly use the terms “dietitian” and “nutritionist” interchangeably. Although these two professions are undoubtedly related, they maintain distinctive qualities. The biggest difference between dietitians and nutritionists lies in the legal restrictions that each title carries. Only nutritionists that become registered with Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) may legally declare themselves as dietitians or more precisely, registered dietitians (RDs).

Q: What is a Professional Kinesiologist?

A: A kinesiologist is a health professional (also known as a human movement professional) registered with their provincial kinesiology association. Kinesiologists are human movement specialists that provide services to the public through the application of sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and psychomotor behaviour (BCAK). Practitioners are required to have completed four-year university kinesiology degree (or equivalent). Kinesiologists must abide by standards set by their provincial association which vary province to province. Ontario is the first province to recognize kinesiologists as regulated healthcare providers, similar to physiotherapists or nurses.

Kinesiology solutions are delivered through prevention, objective assessment, and evidence-based intervention (BCAK). They key words here are “evidence-based.” Kinesiologists can specialize in different areas (considering the broad scope of study) but will always apply research to real-world settings.

The practical experience of a kinesiologist plays a big role in defining their area of practice. For example, a graduate who is experienced in workplace ergonomics will have different skills than one who is experienced in exercise prescription.

Q: What is an InBody Compostion Analysis?

A: Going beyond your weight, body composition analysis breaks down your body into four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water. InBody Composition Analyzers break down your weight and display your body composition data on an organized, easy-to-understand Result Sheet. 

Q: Can I start this health program at anytime?

A: Yes!  You can start this program at ANY time you wish.  Because the program is brand new to RCSC we are offering an official start date of June 1st, 2019 in hopes of having a higher group of participants to work together to achieve success.  Being accountable is very important to maintaining strong overall health and with added support from not only the professionals working individually with you throughout this program but as well your peers, the transition to a healthier overall lifestyle can and will be that much easier.  There will be more future “group” start dates, but you are more than welcome to start at any point.  Contact Jeff (jeff@rivercitystrengthandconditioning) for more information regarding getting your health program started at any other time.

Q: What happens once the 8-weeks is over, I thought this wasn’t a challenge?

A:  Throughout the 8-week program we will educate each individual on how to properly conduct a healthy/active lifestyle.  Once the 8-week program is over, we expect you to do your very best to continue on living just as you have done for the past 8-weeks.  Living a healthy/active lifestyle is all about balance and moderation.  We don’t believe in cheat days, restriction from certain foods, or working out 7 days a week for 2 hours a day.  That can, and more often than not is very taxing mentally and physically, and is unsustainable over your lifetime, which can in-turn be physiologically and psychologically damaging.  Already mentioned above, life happens and we get it.  We are humans too, nobody is perfect and that’s ok with us.  All we can ask is that we try our best.

Q: What if I am looking for a diet plan to specifically lose weight, increase strength, endurance or performance?

A:  During your initial consult with Tenille, you will be discussing all of the goals you wish to achieve which will allow her to create a diet/exercise plan to meet your specific needs.  If your goals change at any time, you have access to follow-ups with Tenille to adjust anything within your diet plan.   Additionally, we strongly believe that with consistently smart (but hard) work, proper eating habits and adequate sleep, our Functional Fitness program is designed to allow athletes to continually increase strength, endurance and performance throughout time.  Individualized fitness programs will not be offered as part of this health program, but specific supplemental work can be added to our Functional Fitness program with the addition of personal training to your package.