Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your most important questions/comments/concerns!!!

Q: What is Functional Fitness?

A: Functional Fitness can be defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensities.  All Functional Fitness workouts are based on practical movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.  It is nothing we haven’t seen before in fitness/exercise, it has just been defined and organized a little bit differently.

Q:  “How do I start/sign up?”

A:  You can sign up for your first FREE class on Zen Planner (Click Here), or you can email one of the coaches’ to reserve your first FREE class.  Each of our coaches emails can be found at the bottom of their profile description.  All we ask is that you come a few minutes early to fill out waiver sheets, and chat about why you have chosen to try out RCSC.  Our waiver sheets are also online (Schedule Tab) and can be printed out/filled in prior to your first class.  If you decide you would like to purchase a membership, just let us know which option you would like and we will hook up everything for you.  From there, you can reserve your class times, and monitor your attendance online though Zen Planner.

Q:  “Do you have a fundamentals program or beginner class?”

A:  Although many other boxes have these programs, here at RCSC, we do not have a fundamentals program or beginner class.  It may be daunting for a new member to step into a regular class, but we believe immersing yourself into class immediately will help you develop your skill quicker and at a higher rate, and will give you more of a taste of what our community is like at RCSC.  Our coaches and current members do a wonderful job of ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and understands what is on task.

Q: “How do group classes work?”

A:  Have you ever played a recreational, school, or organized team sport?  It’s basically the same concept!  One of our coaches will direct the class through the entire WOD from warmup to cool down helping anyone in need by giving tips, correcting technique, or even introducing/teaching new movements.  Our only request is that everyone communicates.  As much as our coaches have trained eyes, we don’t know how you feel/think so always be sure to speak up!!!

Q:  “Do your classes have a maximum size?  Will I get enough attention if I don’t know how to do something?”

A:  Our classes have a maximum size of 12 people per class.  We feel that as though this is an extremely manageable number that allows us to interact with each athlete individually and make sure they are doing the workout  safely and correctly.

Q: “I feel like I have to be in shape to do Functional Fitness.”

A:  You definitely DO NOT have to be in shape to do Functional Fitness.  With every athlete and every fitness/skill level comes a bit of a learning curve when starting any workout program, that is inevitable.   Our classes are infinitely scalable and can be modified to anyone’s fitness level.  Our coaches are there to help both with both modifications for movements when needed, and in teaching you the difference between being uncomfortable, being in pain, and being injured.

Q: “I can’t do Pullups.”

A:  That’s exactly what we are here for!  For EVERY movement in Functional Fitness, there is a number of modifications that can be made for every fitness level.  For example, if you are unable to do pull-ups we have resistance bands that assist you in actually performing a pull-up.  Notably, this is only ONE of the modifications that we use for the pull-up, as there are MANY more other scaling options.  It is much similar to all of the other movements you think you ‘can’t do’.  We have you covered.

Q:  “The classes are too intense.”

A:  Intensity is typically a very subjective component when it comes to fitness, and most new athletes don’t understand how to gauge the intensity of their own workouts.  Heck, even veteran athletes don’t know how to gauge it sometimes!!! Everyone is different when it comes to intensity.  Increasing intensity correlates with the improvement and development of skill/technique over time.  Our highly educated group of coaches makes sure that EVERYONE is working within their limits, as this is the biggest key to keeping everyone safe, happy, and injury free.  Again, communication helps us know when to pull in the reins, or when to push you a little harder, so always speak up… It helps us help you!

Q: “I don’t want to get hurt and I have heard Functional Fitness can be dangerous.”

A:  With respect to Exercise in general, injury occurs when technique/movement breaks down.  Keep in mind though, that injuries can also happen in our day to day lives, whether it’s driving a car, working around the yard or even walking across the street.   With any fitness/exercise program there is ALWAYS the chance of getting hurt, and to be honest Functional Fitness is no different.   To lower those chances, we as coaches take the extra time to educate ourselves and you, and try extremely hard to advocate proper movement and technique, especially when the intensity amps up.

Q:  “If I get hurt can I put my membership on hold?

A:  We actually have a few answers for this one.  (1) If you are currently registered under a 6 or 12 month membership you are welcome to put your membership on hold for as little as 2 weeks, and up to 6 months (12 Month Memberships allow you to do this twice for the duration of your membership).  (2) We have just started a new program for injured athletes who do not want to stop their current workout routine.  Coach Jeff (jeff@civercitystrengthandconditioning)can design a workout program specifically focusing on maintaining your fitness level, rehabbing your current injury, and not missing out on class all at the same time!  There is no fee for this service, it is included in all of our memberships.  (3) You can to cancel your membership if you feel that is the best option.  The cancellation policy can be found here.

Q: “I’m really sore, is this normal?”

A:  Unfortunately yes.  Especially when you first start the sport.  Our suggestion is always “By the hair of the dog that bit ya”.  If you are sore, DON”T STOP.  Keep moving, it will subside.  Be patient, it may be up to 3 weeks, but with a consistent routine, proper instruction and a solid diet, the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) will pass.

Q: “Im too old for this.”

A:  You are never too old to exercise! If you think so, maybe you should put it to the test and try it out.  We guarantee that with the right attitude, anyone at any age or fitness level can participate in Functional Fitness.

Q:  “What should I eat, how do I construct my diet?”

A:  Although we are University educated Coaches and Personal Trainers, we are not Dieticians.  At RCSC, we do have an EXCELLENT Registered Dietitian that we work closely with so if you ever need any help with your diet and eating habits, we will send you their way.

Q: “Does Functional Fitness make you bulky?”

A:  NO, it does NOT make you bulky, jacked, sculpted, gross looking, or whatever else you have heard.  More often than not, a poor eating regimen and/or a workout program strictly focusing on building strength will bulk you up.  Although Functional Fitness has some strength components, it is balanced with many other important fitness/skill/health related components to make you look and feel healthy and fit, not bulky or out of proportion. Everyone is built differently, and everyone’s body reacts different to fitness in general, especially depending on what your goals are with respect to the sport.  We are here to help you accomplish any goal you are willing to work towards, whether it be health, fitness, skill, or life related!