All of us are very familiar with Hero WODs and the hell they put us through, but here at RCSC we have created a number of WODs designed around our beautiful city of Winnipeg (River City).  Take a look!

“The Wall”

21-15-9 for time of:

Handstand Pushups

Wall Walks

Shoulder Taps (Per Side)

“The Ledge”

4 rounds for time of:

20 Pistol Squats (Total)

20 Box Hops (20/24″) w/Med Ball (20/14lbs)

20 Burpee Box Hops (24/30″)

20 Box Hops (30/36″)


For time:

1000’ Overhead Lunge Walk (25/45lbs)

“Route 90” (Formerly The 900)

For time:

200 Double Unders

175 Push Press (35/45lbs)

150 Air Squats

125 Situps

100 Burpees

75 Tuck Jumps

50 Pushups

25 Turkish Getups (35/45lbs)

“The Perimeter”

3 rounds for time of:

Run 1 Mile

Row 1500m

“Golden Boy”

1 rep max distance of:

Baseball Throw

*3 Attempts

*Must land within a 10m landing zone

“The Forks”

In a partner relay complete for time:

5 Push Press (95/135lbs)

10 Power Cleans (95/135lbs)

15 Front Squats (95/135lbs)

20 Thrusters (95/135lbs)

15 Front Squats (95/135lbs)

10 Power Cleans (95/135lbs)

5 Push Press (95/135lbs)


In partners complete for time:

100 Goblet Squats (1/1.5 Pood)

25 Partner Deadlifts (250/315lbs)

100 KB Swings (1/1.5 Pood)

25 Partner Deadlifts (250/315lbs)

100 KB Snatches (1/1.5 Pood)

25 Partner Deadlifts (250/315lbs)

100 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (1/1.5 Pood)

25 Partner Deadlifts (250/315lbs)


For Time:

100 Burpee To Plate

80 Cleans (55/75#)

60 OH Lunge Walk Steps (25/45#)

40 Pullups

20 Turkish Getups (15/30#)

5 Block Laps (50′ Bear Crawl Between Laps)

“The Skull” *NEW*

50-40-30-20-10 For Time of:

Calories Rowing

Calories Assault Bike

Calories Ski Erg

*100 Double Unders AFTER Each Round*

“RCSC Baseline” *NEW*

For Time:

1000m Row

80 Double Unders

60 Air Squats

40 Pullups

20 Calories Assault Bike

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