To All 431 Members, Family & Friends;

We are all experiencing a heightened awareness of the COVID-19 virus, in which we all need to think of the realities of this pandemic worldwide, province wide, citywide, and most importantly within our 431 community.  As much as this is something we should ALL take notice of, it is ALSO something that we should be cautious not create an exaggerated panic.  It is a time for common sense as the government has advised.  It should also not stop our daily lives, and most certainly should not stop our respect to the precautions we should take for not only ourselves, but also for others.

That being said, the health and wellness of our team and our members is our primary concern during the COVID-19 outbreak.  To ensure the continued well-being of everyone, we want to ensure you that we have further heightened our high standard of cleanliness that you have always come to expect at your gym, but we need your help too.   To keep all safe, please:

– Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before AND after your workout sessions.

– Use the sanitizing spray and towels to wipe down ALL equipment that you have used during your workout.

-Use the hand sanitizer station set up beside the change room whenever need be.

– As for high fives after workouts?  It is at your discretion, but perhaps elbow bumps are a thing for the future??

-Lastly, if you are sick, it’s not that we don’t love you, but please stay home until you are well.

We will continue to offer our services to everyone until notified otherwise.  It’s not just our members, it’s our parents, kids and friends that we want to protect.  At 431, it’s always a team effort.

If you have any further comments, concerns, or suggestions please email


CrossFit 431 Staff