WOD [Tuesday] 031720


“The Herd At Home” Series

Video Demos/Standards along with Facebook Live Workouts will start WEDNESDAY!!!


i) For Time:

21-15-9 of:


Air Squats

Pushup (Knees OR Toes) + Shoulder Taps

*After Each Round Perform 100 Jumping Jacks*

ii) “Bring Sally Up” – Search the song “Flowers” By Moby, and follow along.

Option #1 – Plank (Knees OR Toes)

• Bring Sally Up = Plank From Your Hands

• Bring Sally Down = Plank From Your Elbows

Last as long as possible

Option #2 – Squat (Holding ANY Piece of furniture)

• Bring Sally Up = Stand

• Bring Sally Down = Hold Squat Bottom

Last as long as possible.

Do BOTH if you REALLY want to feel the burn!!!