To our 431 family;

Today has been one of the toughest days I have been faced with.  Closing our facility is something that I never fathomed would ever happen, yet here we are.

As I mentioned in the brief video on Instagram and Facebook, we are officially closed indefinitely.  The COVID-19 virus has created a fluid situation that not only changes from day to day but seems to change every hour.  Because of this, I have decided, with the rest of my coaching staff, that the smartest and most responsible decision is to close our doors… For now.  We don’t believe it is time to panic and we are not trying to spread fear within our close community but we believe it is our responsibility to be proactive rather than reactive and I hope you all feel this way too.  Putting the greater good ahead of your own is very difficult, yet in situations like this, I feel it is needed. We all have family and friends that we don’t want to put at risk.

Your continuing health and safety, as well as those important to you, is and always has been our number one priority and concern.

We will continue to do our research and will continue ongoing communication with each and every one of you on a day to day basis.

Moving forward, we will still be continuing our services.  As much as the physical location is an integral part of CrossFit 431, we also believe that our coaching and programming is just as important.  We want to make sure that during this time, you can remain as active as possible under correct leadership/coaching.

We will be posting daily AT-HOME WODs starting tomorrow that will include a brief video of the workout description and standards, and require very little (if any) equipment, and multiple types of modifications depending on your fitness level, the equipment you have, and the space you are working with.  Starting Wednesday, March 18th, we will be running 3 classes a day (9am/12pm/5pm) via Facebook Live.  These will be a virtual-style fitness class that will be lead by me, in which you basically just follow along.  Lastly, we are offering a personalized program built specifically for your needs that will include a weekly consultation (Skype/Facetime) with one of our coaches to check up on progress, and nutrition.  Whatever option works for you, works for us!!!

Please be sure to stay updated on our website, Instagram and Facebook pages, and if you haven’t already, be sure to join our Members Page on Facebook (The Herd of 431 – This is where the Facebook Live sessions will be published).

Thanks for all of your patience and continuing support.  I consider all of you my extended family and we will get through this and support each other.

If you have ANY questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or text, I would love to chat, my door is always open (figuratively speaking)

Thanks again,