WOD [Thursday] 041620

Prepare to head OUTSIDE today!!!


“The Herd At Home” Series

WORKOUT DEMO LIVE @ 9am (Facebook Live)

WORKOUT LIVE @ 12pm (Facebook Live/Zoom)

WORKOUT LIVE @ 5pm (Zoom)

ALL Links on our Facebook Members (The Herd of 431) page.

MetCon (Bar/Plates/KB/DB/Household Object)

30 Minute AMRAP of:

400m Run (2 Minute Run)

► Option #1 – KB/DB: 7 Deficit Deadlifts/14 Swings

► Option #2 – Empty Bar: 7 Deficit Deadlifts/14 Power OR Squat Snatches

► Option #3 – Bar w/Weight: 7 Deadlifts/7 Power OR Squat Snatches

Accessory (Plyometrics/Gymnastics – Chair/Ledge/Wall Space)

EMOTM 12 Minutes of:

Odd: 5/Side Super Mario Jumps (Video Below)

Even: 30’HSW/30s HS Hold/30s Inverted Plank Hold