WOD [Thursday] 052820

Morning Everyone!!!  With the gyms able to open June 1st, we will be making some changes to this weeks workout schedule so we can properly prepare to Re-Open IMMEDIATELY!!!

►There will be NO Facebook Live/Zoom workouts today or tomorrow.

►A WOD will be posted for you to do on your own time.

►There WILL be a 12pm Outdoor WOD today, but there will be NO Outdoor WOD tomorrow (Friday).

►Equipment Drop Off will be THIS FRIDAY @ 5pm (Mandatory).


“The Herd At Home” Series

OUTDOOR WOD @ 12pm (Assiniboine Park)

MetCon (Barbell/DB/KB/Household Object)

EMOTM 30 Minutes of:

2 HSPU/Decline Pushups

4 Deadlifts (95/135) OR 8 Deadlifts (Empty Bar/DB/KB/Household Object)

6 Air Squats


EMOTM 12 Minutes of:

Odd: 12 Pistol Squats OR 6/Side Bulgarian Lunges

Even: 30-45s Headstand/Teddy Bear Stand/Plank