WOD [Friday] 052920

Reminder to everyone, Equipment Drop Off is at 5pm TONIGHT!!!


“The Herd At Home” Series

Strength (Muscular Endurance)

On Every 10th Minute For 50 Minutes Perform:

15 Weighted Glute Bridge (Barbell)

10/Side Renegade Rows (DB/KB/Household Object)

15 Weighted Situps (Anchored – Barbell)

10/Side SA Shrugs (DB/KB/Household Object)

15 Skull Crushers (Barbell)

10/Side SA SL RDL (DB/KB/Household Object)

15 Bicep Curls (Barbell)

10/Side Seated Strict Press (DB/KB/Household Object)

►Take 5-8 minutes to warm up

► ALL movements/repetitions can be modified to work with whatever piece(s) of equipment/weights you have.

► You can use an empty barbell, or load it with weight, athlete choice.

► If you finish prior to the 10 minute mark, rest.

► Don’t move TOO quickly, pace wisely.

► Be sure to get at least 60-90s rest per set.

► Take 5-8 minutes to cool down