We are looking for someone who is passionate about fitness to fill a Part Time role as a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer at River City Strength and Conditioning. We are seeking someone who is friendly, motivated and personable to coach both beginner and advanced fitness classes as well as multitude of other classes offered here at RCSC.  Applicants are to coach all of the classes offered at RCSC and can also earn an additional income by coaching clients one on one. The position affords the opportunity to be mentored by one of our highly educated/experienced head coaches, and most importantly, we are looking for an applicant who loves to learn, adapt, and evolve as the industry of fitness does. If you are interested in becoming a part of our community we look forward to hearing from you!


Have a working knowledge of human anatomy/physiology (ie. muscles, movements, functions, etc.) and be able to design workouts, programs and offer modifications as necessary.

Demonstrate and understand the foundation/functional movements of Functional Fitness.

Have the ability to manage large classes and react positively when faced with challenges or obstacles.

Must have a working knowledge of and be well versed in Functional Fitness methodology.

Must possess excellent communication and problem solving skills.

Willingness to work flexible hours.

Required Qualifications:

CPR/First Aid Certified (Mandatory)

And at least ONE of the following:


CanFit Pro Personal Trainer


Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology OR Exercise Science)

NCCP Coaching Level 1 General (OR any related NCCP Certification)

If you are interested in joining an amazing family of employees and community of members, please email with a resume including a brief summary of why you would make a great fit here at RCSC.