To Post Or Not To Post???

Traditionally, CrossFit and/or Functional Fitness facilities (like ours) typically post their WODs (Workout Of The Day) the day/night before classes start. This is, and has been a wonderful tool to help prepare for the upcoming session for most members.

Since October 23rd, we have decided NOT to post our WODs. Why?? Well we have figured out that there are 3 types of members:

1. Members who do not look at the posted WOD and show up regardless of what the workout is.

2. Members who DO look at the WOD to mentally and physically prepare for it (and maybe get a little jacked up about it) and show up no matter what.

3. Members who look at the posted WOD and decide to show up if they like what they see.

Member types #1 and #2 always show up regardless on how easy or hard the upcoming WOD looks like and member type #3may not show up depending on what is posted.

In the past few weeks, we have heard “I wouldn’t have shown up if I saw that posted” multiple times. Yet we have also heard “Im so glad I DID show up” from those very same people.

The foundation of CrossFit/Functional Fitness is to prepare you for the unexpected, and that’s exactly what we have started doing.

“It looks tough”
“I can’t do any of those movements”
“Those weights are too heavy”

Luckily at RCSC, you are guided by EXCELLENT coaches that can, and ALWAYS will modify/tailor each and every workout to satisfy your goals, skill level, and intent.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, but with the right guidance everyone CAN do it.