NOWS IV Competition/Registration Details

WHEN: Saturday, October 27th, 2018 (10am-3pm)

WHERE: 729 Wall Street

COST: Rx: $60/Team Scaled: $30/Individual

NOWS IV Competition Details:

-Designed for FUN and for the inclusion of BOTH Rx and Scaled Athletes

-RX Division – MM/FF Teams

-Scaled Division – M/F Individuals

-Ages 16+

-Individuals MUST dress in costume, AND provide a unique name

-This will be an in-house competition which means registration is limited to Members/Spouses/Family/Friends

-Guaranteed 4 WODs

-WODs WILL be released 3 days prior to competition

-Register for the NOWS IV HERE

-Registration deadline is October 26th, 2018

-Athlete entries can be emailed to

NOWS IV Competition Standards

Athletes competing in the RX Division BOTH MUST be able to perform all of the following movements:

-OH Lunge Walk @ 25/45#

-Wall Balls (W:14/9 M:20#/10’)


-Deadlift 105/155#

-Handstand Hold (Wall)


-Back Squat 95/135#

-Double Unders


-KB Swings @ 1/1.5 Pood

-Clean And Jerk @ 65/95#

-Box Jumps 20/24”

-Thrusters @ 65/95#

-Snatch @ 55/75#


Athletes competing in the Scaled Division MUST be able to perform all of the following movements:

-OH Lunge Walk @ 15/25#

-Wall Balls (W:10/9 M:14#/10’)

-Jumping Chin Over Bar Pullups

-Ring Rows

-Deadlift 75/115#

-Plank (Hands)

-Back Squat 65/95#

-Single Skips


-KB Swings @ .5/1 Pood

-Clean And Jerk @ 45/65#

-Box Jumps 16/20”

-Thrusters @ 35/45#

-Snatch @ 35/45#


There are TONS of prizes up for grabs including a FREE One Month Unlimited Membership/431 Toque, so don’t miss out!!!

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place in EACH Division

Best Team Costume – Voted @ Competition

Best Individual Male Costume – Voted @ Competition

Best Individual Female Costume – Voted @ Competition

We also need volunteers!!! If you are looking to volunteer to help judge, or you have any other questions/concerns please email