WOD [Tuesday] 042820


“The Herd At Home” Series

WORKOUT DEMO LIVE @ 9am (Facebook Live)

WORKOUT LIVE @ 12pm (Facebook Live/Zoom)

WORKOUT LIVE @ 5pm (Zoom)

ALL Links on our Facebook Members (The Herd of 431) page.


In Teams Of 2 Complete For Time:

“The 900”

200 Double Unders/500 Skips/200 Jumping Jacks

175 Push Press (Bar/DB/KB/Household Object)

150 Air Squats

125 Situps

100 Burpees

75 Tuck Jumps

50 Pushups

25 Turkish Get-Ups (Bar/DB/KB/Houshold Object)

Accessory (Core)

Hollow Hold/Plank Tabata