Holiday ZOOM Workout Schedule!

Monday 21st – 5pm (Coach Steph)

Tuesday 22nd – 12pm (Coach Lindsay)

Wednesday 23rd – 5pm (Coach Steph)

Thursday 24th – 12pm (Coach Jeff) – 12 Days Of Xmas WOD

Monday 28th – 5pm (Coach Steph)

Tuesday 29th – 12pm (Coach Lindsay)

Wednesday 30th – 5pm (Coach Steph)

Thursday – 31st – 12pm (Coach Jeff) – Year In Review

► 12 Days Of Xmas & Year In Review are open to ANY and EVERYONE who would like to join in, so please feel free to ask/invite anyone to join in on the fun!!!

Back to regular virtual schedule January 4th

► Back IN THE GYM January 11th????