It may not be the same as Battle Of The Bulls, BUT we’re really excited about this!!! We’re really doin’ it Harry!!!

• February 25th – 5pm (Open Workout)

• March 4th – 5pm (Open Workout)

• March 11th – 5pm (Open Workout)

• March 18th – 4pm (HERO WOD “Chad” + BBQ/Beers)

Whether you are signing up for the CFG Open online or not, clear some room in your schedule, and come on down to our “Friday Night Lights” to crush the CFG Open workout of the week in front of a judge with all of your best gym buds. High fives are guaranteed!!!

There are 3 weeks of workouts, PLUS a special 4th week which is an extra challenge in itself!!! But the best part is…. POTLUCK/ADULT BEVERAGES afterwords!!!

Individual challenges and prizes will be handed out each of these evenings as well!!! If I were you, I wouldn’t miss out on this 😉

And if you aren’t doing the CFG Open WODs, maybe come down and cheer on some of your fellow peers??? FINALLY we can have a little fun, LET’S GOOOOO!!!!